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Patda Jim has spent her life traveling and living abroad in India, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Canada and Chile. Writing travel related works and short stories has been a part of her life. Graduating from the University of Florida with a BA degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, she also completed graduate writing courses at Emory, University of Central Florida and University of South Florida. She is available to give Writing Workshops and Travel Talks to groups.
RingGoRound has been well received being named Book of the Month by many Book Clubs in USA. Those interested can reach her directly through the “To Contact the Author” button on this website.  Home to her is the Sarasota, Florida area, but her traveling continues. She leads tours also and will take persons back to Bhutan in 2012. Want to go along? Patda Jim gives discounts and furnishes discussion questions to Book Clubs.  She will also appear at the Club meetings in person or by conference calls.
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   Courage & Compassion:
  A Civil War Soldier Speaks       is a narrative biography of William H. Waterhouse who fought in the N.Y. 5th Cavalry from 1861-1865. This regiment fought in 52 battles and 119 skirmishes in Virginia, Pa and Md: Manassas, Bull Run, the Wilderness, Fredericksburg and even fired the first shot at Gettysburg. WHW wrote his family compassionate letters & kept a journal for the 11 months while in Andersonville.  His letters and author's research bring the reader into the hard  reality of this horrific conflict. WHW moved to Florida in 1885 and was the founding father of Lake Maitland. His home there is still an active museum .
$14.95  ISBN: 9781450789431
PAID IN FULL - Murder Mystery set in Las Vegas. The Babylon Casino, run by a ruthless mafia from South America, orders a 'hit' on an innocent couple living in comfortable suburbia. Multiple murders relate back to the Babylon, confusing Chief Inspector Sullivan. For more perplexity, friends, family and a diligent private investigator - Lenny the Nose - try to help Sully, but only add to the mystification. Only the past of the innocent victim holds the key. The book is written in short chapters, likening it to the quick moving scenes of a television show. Fast moving.    $10.00 ISBN:9781449593421